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Musica Lectiones

Piano Courses

Our Children's Piano Course and Adult Piano Course are tailor-made to suit different needs and each offers two separate tracks - the exam track and the leisure track. Lessons are conducted one-to-one (individually) by a highly qualified teacher with the right experience. 45min sessions and 1hr sessions are available to choose from. For very young learners, 30min sessions are recommended. Call 6569 1728 to book your preferred timeslot now.

Sign up for our ukulele lessons and be entitled to purchase our SummerNotes Ukulele Package which includes a ukulele (soprano model), a ukulele bag and a music book at a promotional price*. Call 6569 1728 to find out more. Form your own group and we will pay for your first lesson*!

Learn from our highly qualified ukulele instructors/musicians and get yourself passionately fired up playing great tunes at special events or at get-togethers with good old friends.

Keyboard Courses

Our Leisure Keyboard Course is fashionably popular amongst teenagers looking to enjoy a weekend of fun l
earning keyboard music with good friends. Form your own group and we will pay for your first lesson*! We also offer one-to-one (individual) keyboard lessons for the working class and retired seniors. Looking for the perfect way to spend a fruitful and enjoyable evening? Call 6569 1728 to book your preferred timeslot today.

Violin Courses

Our Children's Violin Course and Adult Violin Course are amazingly fun to learn, whether in a group or in a personalised setting. Students enrolled in the exam track will have their lessons based on the popular ABRSM syllabus while our teacher will design suitable lesson plans for students in the leisure track. Call 6569 1728 to book your preferred timeslot today.

Guitar Courses

Enjoy the calming experience playing your favourite songs on your personal guitar. Enroll in our leisure individual or group guitar courses of your choice. Form your own group and we will pay for your first lesson*! For individuals interested in reaching your fullest potentials, sign up for the exam track! Call 6569 1728 to book your preferred timeslot today.

Little Talents

The Little Talents
Program is aimed at nurturing very young children (ages 3.5 to 5.5) 
through music appreciation. Musical knowledge is translated into easy-to-grasp and enjoyable learning materials so that foundational concepts are easily understood. It is a valuable course for young children to kick-start their interests and exposure to music, and lay a good foundation for the music course proper in subsequent years. Conducted in a group over 4 modular terms with each term having 10 lessons.

Keyboard & Piano
Rhythms & Beats
Strings & Sounds
Composers & More

Theory Courses

Theory of Music forms the universal foundation of all music studies and allows students to gain indepth understanding of musical structures, composer styles, instrument capabilities, sounds, and more.

Students enrolled in our Theory Courses together with their respective instrument of specialisation often graduate with a much stronger foundation in their instrument play and able to articulate musical concepts professionally. When conducted in a group, interactions amongst students of various musical backgrounds is extremely beneficial.

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